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Tutoring is not simply about content knowledge. Successful teaching is based also on a keen understanding of what will help the learner. 

  • Tutoring may be appropriate if you:

    • Need a little extra help?

    • Are doing fine but want to do better?

    • Want to learn faster/learn more?

  • Middle school through high school (algebra, trig, geometry, precalc, calculus)

  • Build sound foundation and develop fluency

  • 1 to 1.5 hour in-person sessions depending on age and schedule

  • Hourly tutoring fee: $75 - $125 depending on grade

  • Lower hourly tutoring fee per student for small groups (max 4)

  • Meet at student’s home (or tutor’s home for lower fee)

Want to see if we would be a good fit?
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