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Everybody can be competent at math and need not go through life fearing math.

Why are you learning math?

I help math learners (gifted/advanced, on-track or remedial) with 1:1/small-group tutoring (6th grade through high school), middle school math for homeschoolers and prepping for acceleration (skip) tests.

No one is born a mathematician, but math competence (and enjoyment) is within the reach of most people. It is a matter of attitude and perseverance.

Winning Learner Attitude:

  • I can improve with effort

  • Mistakes help me learn

  • What do I already know


Winning Teacher Attitude:

  • All students can learn

  • Explain it another way

  • Make it more engaging

Want to see if we would be a good fit?

Regardless of where you stand on the math wars (between reformists and traditionalists) it is worth recognizing that learning math is like learning a new language or a new sport. You need to both understand the approach and practice the skills to gain competence.

For math success there is complementarity between understanding concepts and building fluency. There is no need to "drill and kill" but there is a place for appropriate "drill to skill". Ultimately, you need to find the balance that is right for what you want to achieve.

"He always encouraged me to deeply understand the principles so that I could work things out myself."

A patient, fun, engaging and challenging approach to math that provides direct instruction while also giving students opportunities to discover and explore and requiring attention to fluency is key to building a sound foundation.

My tenets for teaching (and learning) math

  • Try things / do hands-on projects

  • Employ mastery approach

  • Share ownership with student

  • Spiral through content

  • Explore using computers

  • Teach how to learn

  • Encourage retrieval practice

  • Learn from mistakes

  • Model appropriate math thinking


About Me

I have taught math (from pre-algebra, geometry through AP calculus and AP statistics) and computer science both privately and through private schools. I am patient and experienced in working with advanced, on-track and remedial middle and high school students. I am interested in taking on students provided we both feel there is a fit - I believe teaching is as much about communication as it is about content knowledge. 

I have a masters in communications/electronics engineering and an MBA. I have both studied a lot of math and used it professionally in my engineering, consulting and technology careers. I am familiar with both the California curriculum (Common Core) and the needs of home-schooled students – one of my children completed K-12 through the public school system and the other was home schooled until college.

I offer in-person sessions in East Bay (Union City to Milpitas) and the on the Peninsula (Menlo Park to Sunnyvale).

Want to see if we would be a good fit?
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